What I do in my free time

Idle mind is a thing you can never associate with me. My little room is my hub of activity. My passion and diligence for coding is so strong that I code for 9-12 hours at a strech and even forget to grab my meal at times.


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I am a keen observer, I love to explore and learn new things. Anything related to computers and A.I fascinates me. This observation has given way to many opportunities in my life be it creating tiny robots to writing an A.I. that plays a classical board game. Here are some of the innovative things I've come up with.

Chrome Themes

A wide variety of Chrome Themes with over 70,000 weekly users


Tatva 2015 Video

Designed the Official Video for my College's Annual Fest


Rubiks Cube Solver

A virtual Rubiks Cube Solver in C++ using OpenGL


A sneak peek into my Instagram Account

I am not just a workaholic geek, i have a pleasant social life as well. My Instagram mainly features my close group of friends with whom I chill and hangout when I take few hours off my busy schedule. Since I'm very passionate about the things i do, i can't resist at times and I post video snippets of them as well. All in all it's a collection of technology and socializing.